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Inverted Musings
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Sunday, September 19th, 2010
3:04 pm
Linkmania -- understanding other perspectives
I know that most of my Linkmanias are pretty throwaway...this one has considerably more substance and is probably worth your time to look through.

Same-sex marriage:
  • Much of the way the two sides on the same-sex marriage issue seem to be talking past each other comes down to different concepts of what marriage fundamentally is and what its purpose is. I may not agree with those on the other side of the debate, but after reading this article, I understand the basis of both my position and theirs better than I ever had before.

    The near-Ground-Zero mosque:
  • Ignoring the all the issues concerning how close it is and what else is close and whether there's already a mosque that's nearby, much of the "heat" on this issue comes from different senses of what's morally important. This article, originally published elsewhere and subsequently removed(?), lays out the conflict.

    The danger of the single story:
  • A Nigerian author giving a pretty compelling TED Talk on the danger of reducing any person, thing, or situation to a single story.
  • Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
    11:47 pm
    It's the little things...
    So I just took a multivitamin. A perfectly ordinary Costco-brand Centrum-clone multivitamin. Thing is, it's the first time I've been able to do that in a year or so. Something about going in this morning and getting the stricture in my esophagus stretched to 15mm. (It was 7mm until last month's exploratory endoscopy; getting the endoscope past it involved stretching it to 10mm.) And if I can swallow pills now, then I can swallow boluses of fibrous meats. Beef and pork are once again things I can eat in more than microscopic quantities (and thus in less than geologic time). I'm kinda psyched about this.

    I'm less psyched about the news that the doctor found (and removed) some polyps from my esophagus and stomach. Gee...polyps at both ends of my digestive system and an immediate-family history of colon cancer. Guess I know what I'm looking forward to at some point.... But that's then. Right now...right now, I can eat. And not throw up at Really Inopportune moments. I can work with this.
    Saturday, June 19th, 2010
    7:03 pm
    Quick update
    To update my possibly-cryptic post from yesterday: Went in Friday for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Endoscopy found that, yes, my mid-esophagus is rather constricted. In fact, they opened it up a bit just getting the endoscope through. Current theory is that it's allergy-related...no idea yet whether it's a food allergy or a pollen-type allergy.

    Colonoscopy found two polyps, removed 'em both. Glad they're gone; it made going through the prep worth it. It does mean I have to do it again in five years (rather than 10), though.

    Monday night's likely-food-poisoning-induced vomiting wrenched something in my back; the frequent standup-sitdown of the pre-procedure bowel purge aggravated the hell out of it. Result was last night I found myself on the couch and unable to move without spiking my pain levels beyond what I could fight through. We got through that, and today went to urgent care. At this moment, I'm on vicodin and flexeril (and am thus drowsy, which is why I'm not doing the Long Entry), and a bit of Voltaren gel (frustratingly, because the polyp sites need to heal, I can't take any internal NSAIDs for 10 days). It's kinda cool to be able to stand up without significant pain. Still going to take it easy this weekend; I *need* to be ready to work Monday.
    Friday, June 18th, 2010
    2:51 pm
    Posted using TxtLJ
    he result of a food allergy. Just not sure what just yet. Very groggy yet.
    2:51 pm
    Posted using TxtLJ
    Survived procedure. More later when I'm fully awake. Few polyps downstairs (so repeat every 5 years). Constriction upstairs is quite real and likely t
    Monday, June 7th, 2010
    11:08 pm
    Linkmania -- videos I found on Buzzfeed

  • It's an Adidas commercial, set to run around the upcoming World Cup. I'm just trying to figure out how you create something that lame and that unoriginal and then close with that slogan.

  • Near the end of this video, a participant in the Red Bull Air Races has a very near-miss.

  • Ozzy Osbourne spends some time at Madame Tussaud's, doing exactly what you'd expect him to do.
  • Friday, May 21st, 2010
    9:24 pm
    Linkmania: People

    People are scary...
  • There's dedication to your craft, and then there's contracting tropical diseases from the water hole you immersed yourself in for hours at a time, every day, over a period of weeks so you could get some Fucking Amazing Pictures.

  • "In Denmark, Mukhtar the bus driver had a birthday. He worked that day. His regular passengers had an idea"... (Watch to the end.)

    ...and sometimes, just very odd
  • Sir Ian of Bel Air
  • Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
    1:36 pm
    If you're a registered voter in the state of Arizona, remember to go vote today. Polls close at 7.
    Sunday, April 4th, 2010
    12:22 am
    How To Train Your Dragon
  • It's sitting at 98% on the Tomato-Meter.

  • It is that good. Really excellent animation, tight writing, wonderful characters, and top-notch voice acting. Toy Story 3 is going to have to be as good as its predecessors to contend for the animated Oscar this year.

  • Go see it. Unless doing so messes with you in some fashion, go see it in 3-D. The cinematography was done with 3-D in mind, rather than being an afterthought.
  • Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
    6:53 pm
    Posted using TxtLJ
    o have customers...
    6:53 pm
    Posted using TxtLJ
    Down at Mills right now...there's a kiosk selling bracelets with Proton Alignment Resonance Technology. Would be snickering more if they didn't appear t
    Thursday, March 18th, 2010
    1:21 am
    Linkmania: the Internet continues to contain weirdness

  • I'm thinking I don't actually want to know if the rest of Birdemic: Shock And Terror is as bad as its worst-I've-ever-seen trailer.

    Kim Jong-Il looks at things:
  • So apparently every so often, insane North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il goes out on heavily scripted inspection tours where he looks at factories and such and offers advice and encouragement. The North Korean press agency releases pictures, which are often subtly weird...even before the Internets get hold of them and start captioning them.

    We will obey the Gaga?
  • Lady Gaga's new video, Telephone, is allegedly full of Illuminati symbols and is trying to control your mind.
  • Saturday, March 6th, 2010
    7:25 pm
    Linkmania -- WTF video

    Kind of inevitable:
  • The People of Wal-Mart rap. (NSFW, language)

    Weird, but I can get behind it:
  • It's a trailer for a book, which is a bit odd...but it's the next book from the author who brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    The stupid, it burns:
  • I'm not really a fan of tosh.0, but his take on this video is just wonderful. In a horrifying way.
  • Sunday, February 21st, 2010
    1:02 am
    Linkmania -- because it's been a long time

    Never seen it myself...
  • ...but I know that Boondock Saints has something of a following among my peers. So, next month, special 10th Anniversary screening, with interviews and such.

    Gut feelings...
  • ...may be more significant and more involved than we'd thought. The hundred million neurons in the enteric nervous system do a lot more than just run your digestion.

    There's a manga for everything...
  • ...including Ubuntu Linux.
  • Thursday, February 11th, 2010
    12:28 am
    I've been poking at this entry for a few weeks now, and I keep not changing it. I'm not really happy with it, but I think at this point it's just time to post it.

    Since I started using Livejournal some seven years ago (and blogspot for at least a year before then), I have *never* gone an entire month without an entry. So my recently going just over two months between entries is pretty significant.

    I could say that it's been all the stuff associated with the holidays, plus finally finishing up the new THEM constitution...and those aren't small things, but they don't really begin to explain my long silence.

    Probably the single most important thing to happen in that time is that I got a job. I work for a small company out at the airport. We maintain (but do not own) the flight display boards you see scattered about, as well as the similar-looking baggage information boards, the paging kiosks and displays, and the complete audio paging system.

    The work is often dirty and uncomfortable, there's an insane amount to learn, and it's a small shop (there are four of us, total) so I'm still feeling my way socially. I'm also on-call every third week, which, while it does mean extra money, also means that I'm subject to interruption at *any* time. (Movies are pretty much right out.) That said, it's different from what I've done before, challenging, varied, has a *lot* of potential for learning I can take to other jobs, and pays more than I've ever made before in my life. Plus I have a badge that lets me go almost everywhere in the main terminals, including the service halls that go around TSA. (This is important because trying to get a bag of tools past TSA is just not happening.)
    The job matters for a couple reasons. First, it pushes our income above break-even and into "pay down debt quickly". Second, it means I actually have money again, which you'll understand if you've ever not had money. Third, it means I have a big chunk of my self-respect back, since I'm actually *useful*. (Hell, I'm actually *relied on* for some things.)

    The other big thing that happened was that a friend ran across a .pdf copy of No More Mr. Nice Guy. It's hard to overstate the importance of this. Over the past several months, regular readers will have seen a number of posts where I discuss the voyage of self-discovery that I'm on and the rather significant revelations that have come out of the therapy sessions. They'd gotten me to a certain point, but it was clear that I still had issues left. I still didn't trust my decision-making, I wasn't happy, and I didn't feel in control of my own life. Then, as noted, the friend ran across the book. He copypasta-ed large chunks of the first chapter, and I found myself going "hey, that's me...." So I read more...and with a growing sense of amazement, realized that the issues I had left weren't just unconnected leftovers I hadn't processed yet, but they were all part of a single coherent syndrome. Further, this syndrome pretty much explains *everything* about why I'm not a particularly happy or effective human being. Seriously, it's all there. And best of all...the book has a roadmap for how to break out of this syndrome. (And lest you wonder, the author is a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family therapy and 20+ years experience.)
    So a few of us are working our way through the book...it's early in the process yet, but the moments of clarity just keep on coming. So regardless of anything else, I have to get through this book, and get myself to where it's *possible* for me to have healthy interactions with people.

    A short description of Nice Guy Syndrome, hopefully enough to give the flavor of the thing.Collapse )

    Anyway, that's a lot of what's going on in my life right now.
    Sunday, February 7th, 2010
    2:08 pm
    ...this is some strange, new use of the word "ideal" with which I was not previously familiar.

    I was cleaning the barbecue grill today when I had the possibly-bright idea to break out the can of oven cleaner and see if I could knock down some of the really built-up gunk. And at first glance it looked like this was going to work: near the top of the can, it reads:


    Encouraged, I continued reading down to the actual directions, which include the following prominent warning:


    ...which does rather raise the question of what part of the grill is left for the Easy-Off to be ideal to clean. Diving deeper into the fine print, it seems the only part of the barbecue grill you're supposed to use this on is the actual racks...and I can take those out and wash them in the laundry tub no problem. Color me unimpressed.
    12:00 pm
    Posted using TxtLJ
    Friday, February 5th, 2010
    10:32 pm
    Of interest to many...
    Jonathan Coulton. In concert. MADCAP Theaters. Thursday, Feb. 18th, 7pm. Tickets $21 now, $23 at the door. General admission. Info and tickets here.
    Saturday, January 30th, 2010
    11:25 pm
    They're not even *trying* anymore...
    So this week's new episode of Modern Marvels is about...the potato.


    I'm...open to explanations on this one.

    Current Mood: boggled
    Friday, January 22nd, 2010
    11:13 pm
    A quick pre-update
    I will be almost entirely out-of-contact this weekend. No AIM, no texting, no phone calls.

    I will likely post more here at some point.
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